Entrepreneur, author, financial educator, Coach...

Founded the Wealth & Wisdom Resource Group with a mission to educate, equip, and empower individuals with the tools and knowledge to create, maintain, and enjoy wealth.

Doreen Carter has created a solid library of educational tools that are simple and effective.

Financial Educator

  • Who Mooved My Money? It is a simple money management system to keep you from draining your "Cash Cow" dry.   This system teaches the art of shifting and moving money. It is a concept that major corporations us in their Cash Management departments.


  • The Mis-education of the Christian... On Money and Giving.  This book is an in depth study of what the Bible teaches about money, giving, and stewardship. It is a great tool to supplement your study on financial education.


  • Women In Destiny was launched to guide women who know their purpose and their destiny to the fulfillment of the promise in their lives. Every now and then, all you need is a little nudge and a reminder that it is not to late.