It all started when…

Since a kid, I have found myself fighting for other people. Everything that I do has been in a spirit of how to make life better for my family, my friends, my community.  Honestly, I can't help it.

Over the years, I have use my influence to create giving opportunities for others. I started a scholarship program while President of the Greater Lithonia Chamber of Commerce.  We award scholarships to high school seniors for students graduating from schools in Lithonia, Georgia.  The scholarship continues.

I started a Task Force to assist youth who are aging out of foster care.  We have helped to provide job opportunities, college and trade opportunities, housing and moving expenses.

My latest project is creating a blue print to help individuals who want to improve the quality of life in their communities.  We have launched the "Task Force for Good".  

It is a nonprofit organization that operates as a Think Tank and Consultancy firm.  We've organized a team of experts from various fields to ensure that we create a comprehensive plan to ensure a community's success.