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Georgia H.E.A.L.S.

Creating Stronger Communities and Stronger Families Together

Why I’m Running


I am running to be re-elected to the Georgia State House of Representatives in District 93 to finish the work I started and implement my plan, Georgia HEALS:


Expand it to all


Prioritize early education literacy and update Georgia’s funding formula


 Repeal draconian anti-voting laws and improve access to the polls


Invest in economic development that creates jobs and increases wages


Address unjust incarceration excess and the inequalities that make it happen

As an incumbent house representative, I serve as the Chair of the Special Committee for Education in the Democratic Caucus and as a member of the Education Committee in the Georgia House. I advocate fiercely for public education and want to continue my work by winning my next term in 2022. I was instrumental in the state fully funding the QBE formula and now I want to help lead the effort to update Georgia’s funding formula.

There is more we can do. Making sure students achieve their proper reading levels by third grade is the best way to ensure their future academic achievement. Studies show that achieving reading levels and reading comprehension through early education is correlated with fewer instances of negative behavior that leads to suspension and minor and adult incarceration. That is why I authored and introduced legislation to make sure that students have every opportunity to learn how to read during pre-K years and to help their parents facilitate their early learning process. 


With your vote, I can continue to lead these efforts. When you re-elect me, you will have a representative with experience, compassion, and the courage to fight for you under the gold dome. I will hit the ground running on day one. You can count on my experience. You can count on me.

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